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12 Awesome Fancy Lights For Home Decoration | Tips To Light Your House The Right Way

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

If the designer lights are properly installed in the house, then not only the house will also light up but whole house looking dull. Hey friends in this article we will discuss about the 12 Awesome fancy lights that gives your house beautiful and awesome look.

1. A special room in the house is decorated in a traditional style, then colorful lights can be installed there. Such lights can be hung or it can also be placed on a corner table. Such two small lights can be installed simultaneously.

Check here.

2. Sometimes forced office work has to be brought to the bedroom. Or sometimes I like to read fantasy novels at the bedside in seclusion. Pendant lighting is perfect for this type of environment. Put a smart pendant light on top of this temporary workspace. The room will look more beautiful than before and you will also feel comfortable. Check here.

3. Filigree lights are also in fashion nowadays. Such lights have metal carvings. Thin metal wires can also be made light in this way. Apart from metal, they are also available in many varieties like side lamps of ceramic, filigree pendant light. It is at the forefront of people's favorite light category nowadays. Check here.

4. Fabric lights are commonly used as side tables or floor lamps. In such lights the color of the fabric of the lamp should match the color of the walls of the house. If you want a modern look, then the lamp shades of the color blocking print will be perfect. These days lamp shades of ikat print fabric are also being liked. Check here.

5. Use focal light to highlight any wall or corner of the room. If you have put some great furniture in a corner, have a wonderful show of ceramic, put a painting on a wall or have a big photoframe, then put a focal light on that place. Brick light will also serve as the perfect focal light.

Check details here

6. If there is a Victorian style single chair or sofa in the house, then definitely install vintage style lighting at this place. From home

The interior will get a royal style. Golden color vintage light is the first choice of the people. This type of light can be placed on a chair or hung in a chain. Check details here.

7. To decorate the bedroom, put a fix light in the wall, whose light comes near your side table and pillow. Just take care of one thing that it is above the level of your eyes and its bulb should be facing towards the ceiling instead of the floor. Check here.

8. There is also a lot of attention on the furnishing of the bathrooms, for this lamps are also indoor plants in use, so the bright bathroom is an important part of the house there. Nowadays people are giving vanity lights along with the living room. Put vanity lights on bathroom mirrors. When choosing this type of light, keep in mind the size of the mirror as well. Check here.

9. It is very pleasant to spend time here if there is proper lighting in the kitchen. If the lights are installed under the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen counter will be visible clearly. Along with working, its cleanliness will be good. Check here.

10. If you want to give the house a soft look, then light bulbs with low wattage. Can bring.

11. Wooden basewall neutral lights will be right for the office. Choose Wall Mout Lights for Office.

12. Have lots of plants in the balcony or use lights in any corner of the house. This place will look very beautiful in the dark.

Tips To Light Your House The Right Way

Good lighting is so much more than just brightening a room— design intervention shares the many ways it can elevate your interior scheme

Like a skilled makeup artist exposing and shading a facial figure, Design Intervention works with a palette of tools to create the perfect glow in any interior space. For the award-winning firm, lighting plays a vital role in the ambience of a room and so its team of designers treat it with utmost care. “Lighting is like fairy dust,” says Nikki Hunt, principal of Design Intervention. “Sprinkle it just right and you can make magic.”


According to Design Intervention, there is so much more to successful lighting than choosing some pretty lamps and fixtures. “Good lighting is all about the contrast between light and shadow,” she says. “Deciding what you are going to leave in the shade is just as important as what you highlight.” The practice is a strong advocate of considering lighting from the early beginnings of a project. “The ideal time to consider the lighting plan is at the start of a renovation project, thereby ensuring that the focus is where it is needed,” says Hunt.


A perfect example of this successful approach is an apartment at Ardmore Park designed by the firm. The practice helmed by Hunt and her partner Andrea Savage won the Best Interior Lighting Design (Singapore) accolade at the 2018 Asia Pacific Property Awards, for the ways in which it transformed a once gloomy corridor in this enchanting abode.

The long and narrow space that leads from the living area to the bedroom was elevated from a humble hallway to a stunning space through the clever use of wall sconces in a series of recessed alcoves. The space is also decorated with gold finishes and floral accents; the result is a soothing passage that entices with its romantic atmosphere. “Clever lighting affects how we feel,” Hunt enthuses. “It can make a space feel bright and invigorating, warm and friendly, or intimate and even sexy.”


Whether concealing unsightly strip lighting or revealing a source’s radiance, the Design Intervention team are no strangers to unconventional ways of bringing out the very best in a room, often transforming entire pieces of furniture into giant floor lamps or reinventing door frames as oversized wall lights.

“Our goal is for someone to walk in and think that this place looks and feels amazing but not really know why,” explains Hunt. “It’s about subtlety, and the space as a whole. That is successful design.”

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