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5 Tips For Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh and Fragrant For Long Time

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Hello, in this article I am going to tell you how you will be able to keep the cut flower fresh for a long time. Often people ask that they cut the flowers from the tree but do not keep it fresh and fresh for long time. Those flowers wither away. You cut the flowers today and if you have any guest tomorrow, those flowers are not fresh until then. They become sour.

So there is nothing to trouble you guys. I will tell you how you will be able to keep the cut flower fresh and fragrant for a long time. Today, in the following 5 ways, you will learn how the cut flower is kept fresh and fragrant. So let's start.

1. Cut steams to removes the dead ends - Remember that after every two or four days the steam of all the flowers has to be cut again closely. This process removes the dead ends and leaving fresh stems for the flowers to absorb more water. Cut about an inch, or slightly less, each time.

2. Use of Aspirin - Aspirin is an acidic component that helps to keep flowers fresh. Often we see that bacteria or worm gets planted in the flowers. At that time, we know what to do. So you should know that aspirin is a component that can protect your flowers and trees from bacteria and insects. If you use aspirin in a beetle garden, then your vegetable garden will soon be filled with vegetable. This means the tree will grow very soon.

As I said, aspirin is an acidic component. So to do it, it will be beneficial for your flowers and trees. You can add aspirin in one litter of water to one tbsp. Not more than that. Keep in mind that aspirin is an acidic component. Therefore, its excessive use can increase flowers and trees can cause danger.

3. Use of Sugar - Do you know that flowers also feel hungry? If you do not know that flowers have to be fed to keep them fresh and fragrant, then you should know that sugar is a food that provides food to cut flowers and trees. Due to which flowers and trees live for a long time. The sugar has to be poured into the vase along with the water to its roots and splash it into the trees or flowers. Sugar enhances bacteria. Therefore, in the same way, aspirin has to be splash on the flowers in the manner mentioned above.

Sugar increases the fresh weight of the flowers and extends the life of the vase. Use 0.5 - 1% fluorite (concentration of sugar not specified). The 2% sugar solution doubles the life of the cut flowers. Some sugar in the vase solution increases the number and size of flowers, as well as prolonging the life of the vase.

4. Use of Pennies - Pennies may seem to be worth very little these days but they are still very useful because of the fact that they are made from copper. Add a penny to the bottom of your vase of flowers and the copper in it acts by preventing fungus from growing on your flowers.

Dropping a copper penny into the vase. Pennies are considered a smart way to keep flowers alive longer because copper is a fungicide, so it naturally kills the pesky bacteria and fungi that camp out in your flower vase and the life span of your stems.

Copper is a fungicide, so adding a penny of water to your vase helps protect your flowers from bacteria. ... It is also recommended that penny be with an aspirin, which is acidic and helps the water flow through your flowers. Add bleach. A little bleach serves the same purpose as a penny.

5. Keep an eye on the water level in your vase and add water as needed. You may want to completely change the water every few days. When refining the vase use room temperature water and add back in any flower food or bacteria fighting agents that you were using earlier. Remember to keep your flowers away from direct sunlight or any heating or cooling vents in the home.

I think that you must have known how to keep the cut flowers fresh and fragrant. If you know any other way, then do share in the comment section. Thank you very much for reading this article. You stay well.

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