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7 Awesome Interior Beautiful Home Design In Low Budget

Beautiful Home Design in low budget


We all have awkward spaces, but instead of working around them, make them part of your solution to give a beautiful home design in low budget.

Turn tricky, wasted or small spaces, such as an alcove under the stairs, a charming nook with no real purpose, or bedrooms with stuff to store, into decorative, attractive multitasking rooms, using reasonably inexpensive and clever solutions - many of which you can do yourself. Many of these design challenges can be addressed with store-bought, flat-pack units and paint, while others require a little more hands - on DIY skills or few custom touches to elevate them from the ordinary and to add practical polish to your home.

Points 1- Cosy up your window seat with padded cushions.

Points 2- Utilize the angle ends as side tables.

Points 3- Safeguard tots by fixing your shelving unit to the wall so it won't topple.

Points 4- A slim unit with open and shut storage lets you decide what to show off or conceal.

Points 5- Dress the drawers with custom-cut plywood.

Points 6- Look for a unique retro stool, ripe for a revamp with different fabrics.

Points 7- Paint flat-pack furniture for an of-the-moment bespoke look

Easy Step to create a awesome interior beautiful home design in low budget

1. BEDROOM BEAUTY:- Create a dream dressing area that lets you pack in a whole lot of 'stuff', with a wall-to-wall run of chests and a ceiling-hung rail for clothing. Wooden coat hangers pack of 4 buy on amazon.in here

2. STEP UP AND STUDY:- Slot in a 'built-in' home office under the stairs. You'll need a tall flat-pack kitchen unit and a matching base unit. And, to connect the two, you'll need plywood cut to fit as a desktop.

Point-1: Mount a task light and shelf to free up precious desk space.
Point-2: Go on the hunt for gorgeous cabinet knobs and leather pulls for a smart finish.  

3. BENCH PRESS:- Money... and space tight? Redeploy a flat-pack TV unit as a bench seat between cabinets for a cosy dining nook. Set of wooden dining table with 4 stylish chair buy on amazon.in.

4. UP, UP, UP:- lack storage? When you think there isn't a solution, think again. This above-door shelf idea can prove useful in the bathroom, home office, bedroom or pretty much anywhere.

5. SLEEP IN THE CLOUDS:- Small rooms and a lack of floor space go hand in hand. Don't stress-just raise your child's mattress onto sturdy kitchen storage units. Fabric 5 drawer storage on amazon.in.

6. NOW THIS IS A SHELFIE:- Many project homes feature wide landings-ideal play zones for tots. But with kids come toys, making storage necessary. Wood Motivational Framed Wall Art Prints For Kids On Amazon.in.

7. BEST VIEW IN THE HOUSE:- Whether you use it a spare seating or a reading nook, there's something undeniably charming about built-to-fit plywood seating within a bay window recess. And, as below, it can multitask as storage. Bedroom Window Seat Cushion Buy On Amazon.com Here.

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