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9 Simple Way How to Make Your House Safe From Burglars

Written by Suvendu Mahato | on Security And Surveillance

Security systems have no doubt come a long way over the years and modern ways of doing this are taking its turn. From digital security cameras to remote control locks, many security systems can be automated and controlled only from an app on your phone! This provides you with access to all the most important information regarding your phone right in the palm of your hand, bringing you peace of mind.

However, if you want to do something extra and learn more ways to protect your home beyond the security system, or if you are not able to rent or buy a home security system, you can find these listed below. Anyone can use it.

1. Do not keep valuables in plain sight:

You simply do not have to make your self and available target for your potential thieve. This is a good piece of advice. Once it appears to burglars that perhaps they do not have much to steal in your house, they'd have to move on to their next target. If you have a nice car, do not just leave it outside but keep it in a garage. If you have a large TV, keep your windows shut especially at night. If you got yourself something new and expensive, do not leave the boxes on the street as burglars can easily trace this to your home.

2. Forget the idea of hiding a key:

The problem with having a hide-a-key is that you need to put it in a place that it is relatively easy to find and remember nevertheless, this makes it even easier for a burglar, especially the experienced once to gain access to your home. Instead of going for this, why not opt for a smart door lock that can be unlocked with a key as well as a unique user code. You can share this code with your trusted friends and family, allowing them access to your home without having to risk a spare key so that it is being found by a burglar.

3. Do not let them know you are gone:

To continue this idea of working as a team, if you are ever away from home for an extended period, it is a good idea to have your neighbors collect your mail, mow your lawn and do other things that prevent your home from looking empty. Even leaving your car in the same spot is a tip-off to burglars that your home is empty and a potential target. If you aren't friendly with your neighbors, you can consider leaving a few lamps on in the house to keep the appearance that someone is home as well as putting a hold on your mail through the U.S postal service so you don't have to worry about it piling up. The biggest fear of most burglars is confronting a homeowner, so make sure your home doesn't have bulls eye on it.

4. Do not overly conceal your house:

Despite the whole of the precautions, the best way you can protect your home is by not even giving the burglars a chance to get in. Avoiding high hedges around doors and windows is a blockage for burglars to gain access inside. High privacy fences and other concealing features can also encourage burglars to target your house.

5. Avoid doors with glass around handles:

Yes, doors with glass around the handles are very much enticing to burglars as they know that they can break the glass and gain entry into your home.

6. Motion-activate lights:

A good investment is for those who want to protect their home especially as part of a larger automated home. A sudden spotlight can often be enough to convince burglar to give up on his break-in attempt.

7. Your second floor should be kept safe:

While your first-floor doors and windows may be armed and well protected from burglars, do not neglect the second floor. We often forget to ensure that our second-floor entry points are just as safe as the first. Window sensors, glass break detectors, and locks are also vital to keep burglars from attempting to enter your home through the second floor or however. At night, ensure all windows are closed and the same should apply when you are away from home. Also, you can think about using smart plugs to turn on a light or two while you're gone to give the appearance that someone is home.

8. Have the police to inspect your home:

If you doubt the security of your home, many police departments are happy to provide home inspections to members of the community. With their knowledge, they can help you understand potential risk factors and areas where you might be susceptible to break-ins and other dangers.

9. Window locks:

Windows are known to be the weakest point of entry, and while most home security systems offer window sensors that sound an alarm if there is an intruder there are other measures you can take to make sure they don't even get to that point. You can make use of window locks - they are highly effective and affordable. They can be used on basement windows or the first-floor windows and they will deter burglars from your home.

I think you will be enjoy this article and find best solution to secure your house. The above mentioned do play a major role in helping to ensure that an intruder is less likely to try to gain access to your home. These are low-cost effective methods that everyone can afford. If you have more ideas you can share with us in the comment section below. Thank you for reading this article. Take care.

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