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12 Facts Why Golden Wattle Is Australian National Flower, Grow Golden Wattle In Your Garden.

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

In this article, we will discuss about how you can to grow Australian National Flower, The Golden Wattle in your garden easily. Golden Wattle is also Australian emblem and Australian state flowers.

You know winter has really arrived when those first wattle flowers quietly emerge with a little pop! pop! pop! Then explode to give our bush, parks and gardens a glorious golden glow against a dull-grey sky.

It's Time To Get Dressed Up For The Mid-Winter Ball

1. There's golden in these trees

with more than 1000 types of wattles - and Australia has two-thirds of the world's species - there's bound to be one, or two, that will be perfect for your garden.

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Winter Sunshine

From now until mid-spring, and often through summer, these tiny balls or rods of fluff lift the gloom with the promise of warmer days ahead, as well as providing a protein-rich feast of pollen for birds and insects. One of the first to flower is also one of the most glorious - the golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha) that adorns Australia's coat of arms. Its masses of tiny flowers embrace the tree like a lacy veil of gold. The flowers also have a lovely fragrance that can be used for making perfume. Read more: Roses That Suits Your Garden Style

2. Beaut Baubles

Pretty for you, but a feast for many of our native birds and insects at a time when food is scarce.

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3. Weep For Joy

Take advantage of the dense foliage of the hairy wattle or weeping boree (A. vestita) and use it as a low windbreak or a screening plant. It's also great if you need to control soil erosion.

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4. Bring It Inside

Wattle flowers and foliage make attractive cut flowers indoors. As they age and brown, they keep their shape and create a beautiful silhouette in a dried arrangement. Read more: Best Home Decor Ideas For Small Homes In Low Budget

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5. Winter Blanket

If you get tired of the lovely feathey, grey-tinged foliage of the Cootamundra wattle (A. baileyana) the bright yellow winter flowers will hide it for you.

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Life in the fast lane

Wattles live hard and fast, buy not for long - on average they last about 15 years. So make the most of them while they're there. In an established garden, they will quickly fill up a bare spot, become a quick and gorgeous windbreak and solve privacy issues. If you're starting your garden from scratch, plant wattles as nurse plants. As they put on their bursts of growth, they protect the slower-growing trees around them, then quietly move on when their job is done.

Good things in small package

Many wattles may be too large or straggle when not in flower to be suitable for your garden. But breeders have now produced a host of smaller and more compact wattles suited to the Australian garden. Tall, small, elegant or cute, they can be tumbling over a wall, rippling along a border, standing proud as a specimen or even standing out with a blaze of scarlet flowers. So, as Bruce in a Monty Python skit said, grow a wattle, "it's the emblem of our land. You can stick it in a bottle, you can hold it in you hand".

6. Great Balls Of Fire

The soft, ferny foliage of the Mud-gee wattle (A. spectabilis) make this a very ornamental addition to your garden. The bright yellow ball-shaped flowers are a bonus.

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7. Take A Sea Change

The Sydney golden wattle (A. longifolia) is ideal if you live close to the coast, as it is front line salt tolerant.

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8. Peas In A Pod

After flowering has finished, wattles are covered with hundreds of dangling seed pods. A staple of Indigenous diets for more than 60,000 year, they can be used in multiple ways. Try the flour in damper or bread - you can find recipes online.

Checkout The Bad Seeds Before Buying
Check with your local authority before buying a wattle. Despite being 'Australian natives', some may be considered a weed in your area and not encouraged. For example, Cootamundra wattle (Acacia baileyana) is discouraged outside NSW and the silver or Mount Morgan wattle (A. podalyriifolia) outside Queensland.

9. The Problem Solver

That spot in your garden with dappled shade is perfect for this low, spreading clay wattle (A. glaucoptera). It's also tolerant of frosts.

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10. Lots Of Lush

Soften your garden beds with mass planting of Acacia 'Bower Beauty' Bred from Acacia cognata, the flowers are small golden balls.

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11. Pasta Perfect

The lovely rippled foliage of the Acacia 'Fettuccini' make this new wattle special. The leaves emerge in coppery tones before turning a fresh lime green.

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12. Above Standard

Use Acacia 'Fettuccini' as a standard in formal garden. Or plant it in a pot and put it on a sunny balcony or in a courtyard where space is limited and you want a plant that makes an impact. Read more: Healthy Food Recipe

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How Can I Care For Wattles In My Garden

Position: Sun or semi shade

Climate: Tolerant of drought, extreme heat and cold. If you get heavy frosts, grow one indigenous to your area.

Soil: Well-drained.

Food: Low-phosphorous native plant food and water during long, dry periods.

Prune: Tip prune after flowering to keep it bushy.

Mulch: Organic leaf litter or bark to help nourish and insulate the soil.

Which Wattles Is Best For Your State


Cootamundra wattle (A. baileyana)

Mudgee or Pilliga wattle (A. spectabilis)

West Wyalong wattle (A. cardiophylla)


Mallee wattle (A. Montana)

Sydney golden wattle (A. longifolia)


Queensland silver wattle (A. Podalyriifolia)

Weeping myall (A. pendula)


Flinders Ranges wattle (A. Lteaphylla)

Barrier Range wattle (A. beckleri)


Drummond's wattle (A. drummondii)

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