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11 Decorating Tips To Make A Dated House Look Modern On A Budget

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A considered colour scheme and a few cosmetic changes will take your home from plain to remarkable

In this article I am showing ideas of how to decoration an old house on a budget. So it's new and fab while respecting its original features? It's a case for cosmetics...

Tips To Make An Old House Look Modern In Low Budget

1. Neutrality Rules

Living rooms should beckon you in to take a seat, relax and stay awhile. With this in mind, choose a comfortable sofa and armchair to suit the scale of the room. Arrange the pieces so you can chat without straining to hear. Neutral walls, furniture and rugs will form a timeless backdrop for pops of toning colour. Fill expanses of bare wall with themed black and white photos or prints.

Overwhelmed and despairing of your home, which although structurally sound looks like it's caught in a time wrap? A full-scale renovation out of the question, as the budget won't stretch that far? Caught in a fog of confusion as to where to start? The answer may lie with an interior decorator, for they aren't all just for the rich and famous with palatial pads. And they can help you work with what you have. There are levels of commissioning, from a mood board to project managing the changes, as here, even hitting the shops with you.This home proves it's money well spent.

2.Beckon One In

Dress rooms for glimpses of what to expect as you approach - repeating colors, textures or materials for seamless transition between spaces.

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3. In The Zone

Although continuity is key for harmony, a change of pace is also needed in zoned open-plan spaces. Notice how oversize pendants reference woven dining chairs.

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4. Go With The Flow

Rather than ripping out quirky features, play them up. This part-wall divider serves up storage in the kitchen and display cabbies in the family room. And if you have 'interesting' architectural details, highlight them. Draw the eye upwards in appreciation of a high or raked ceiling by making a feature of any exposed beams and posts.

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5.Kitchen Capers

A gentle lift may be all a kitchen needs to be updated. This Kitchen's chic new appearance is down to new stainless steel kick-boards, black handles and tapware - so easy!

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6. Stepping Down

Stairwells don't have to be boring transition spaces. This landing's charcoal ceiling and wall is arresting with the uniform repetition of attractive and decorative elements.

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7,8 Splash About

For an easy upgrade, take your colour cue from an adjoining room and paint the walls of your bathroom, ensuite or powder room a single bold shade. And there's no need to rip out your dated vanity. Often it's merely a case of replacing the handles, rails a tapware with new models - just like these black beauties here. PS, noticed the rounded mirrors and objects here and elsewhere? Well, they reference the circular windows and apertures throughout this home.

9. Green With Envy

Fallen for this deep emerald hue? You'll find it's a great way to add personality!

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10. Come Yonder

Create a pleasing flow between rooms so your home doesn't feel like a disjointed series of spaces. It's easy to do with colour. Ensure at least one colour on more makes its way from one room into the next. Here it happens to be the neutral greys.

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11. And So To Bed

A terracotta duvet may have landed the lead role in this bedroom, but the support acts are as important. The charcoal carpet may stop at the wall, but the colour travels up to dado rail anchoring the furniture. And curtains that stretch to the ceiling will visually raise its height.

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