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Easy Steps To Build Budget-friendly Awesome Looking Display Shelves Under $70

Easy Steps To Build Budget-friendly Awesome Looking Display Shelves Under $70

Functionality, simplicity and a great design make these contemporary shelves a must-make for your home. They turn ordinary space into great places to display your treasures. You can build them for your living room, study or bedroom anywhere you want to inject style for little effort or cost. They're decorating superstars!

Transform a bare wall into a fabulous display space with timber shelves you can knock together in a few hours

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These shelves give you bang for your buck, as they're made from budget-friendly plywood and pine. They look like they're leaning, but angle brackets fixed to the wall at the top secure them in place.

Style it simple: If you haven't got a mantel and don't want to take up room with a bulky sideboard or display case, these simple -to-build shelves are your streamlined solution. Use them to showcase artwork, objects d'art and trailing greenery. They're a fast and fabulous way to style up an empty wall or corner on a shoestring. Now that's clever!

Gather your supplies
. Shelves (64 x 19 x 1800 mm pine)
. Shelf lips (42 x 19 x 1800 mm pine)
. Backing board (2400 x 1200 x 17 mm Plywood)
You'll also need:                                                          
    Tape measure; pencil; fine-tooth handsaw; combination square; drill; countersinking drill bit; PVA glue; 40 mm wood screw; cloths; wood putty; sandpaper; circular saw; undercoat/primer; paint in matt black; paintbrushes; paint roller and tray; clamps; 25 mm angle brackets; fixings to suit your wall type.

For you to note: If you're not comfortable cutting timber, or don't have the tools, large hardware stores can cut it to size for you for a small fee.

Hers is the steps to build simple display shelves

Step 1:- Measure and cut 64 and 42 mm pine into 900 mm lengths using a fine-tooth handsaw to create the correct widths for the shelves and shelf lips.

Step 2:- On the face of the shelf lips, use a combination square to mark out the positions of your screws, which are 9mm from one long edge. Make the screws 50 mm from each end and one in the center.

Step 3:- Use a countersinking drill bit to drill a pilot and countersunk hole in the pine at each marked screw position.

Step 4:- Spread PVA glue along one long edge of the shelf.

Step 5:- Sit the shelf lip on the edge of the shelf so the screw holes in the lip are over the shelf. Drill pilot holes in the shelf through the holes in the lip, then join using 40 mm screws. Support the over hanging side of the lip with another shelf while you drill. Wipe off any excess glue using a damp cloth.

Step 6:- Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to make five more shelves.

Step 7:- Fill all screw holes using wood putty, leave to dry, then sand smooth. Also sand the timber, slightly rounding the corners to take off the sharp edges. Remove dust.

Step 8:- Use circular saw to cut the plywood sheets into 1800 x 900 mm panels. Sand the panels to remove cutting marks and make the faces smooth.

Step 9:- Apply undercoat all over the panels. Also paint all the shelves. When they're dry. sand lightly to remove and raised grain. Remove dust.

Step 10:- Use a paintbrush to apply 2 coats of black paint to the shelves. Let dry after each coat.

Step 11:- Use a roller to apply Black paint to the backing board. A micro-fiber roller will give you the smoothest finish.

Step 12:- Place the shelves on the backing board so they are 450 mm from the top and bottom and 450 mm apart. Clamp each end of the shelves to the backing board.

Step 13:- Predrill through the backing board into the shelves then screw together. Use 4 screws per shelf.

Step 14:- Paint small angled brackets Black, then attach to top edges of the backing board. Put shelf panels in position and screw through brackets into wall to safely hold panel to wall.

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