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Easy Steps To Drawstring Bag | 11 Steps With Pictures | Great For Kids For Learning.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020


In this article we will discuss How to make a drawstring bag in simple easy way. A sweet and simple-to-sew drawstring bag is ideal for storing your alphabet set. A simple, natural-colored linen makes a great backdrop for an eye-catching set of prints. Great for kids that are learning their letters.

There has never been a more perfect time to make your own set of touch-and-feel alphabet letters. Get the kids' fine-motor and phonetic skills charged and going! Little people from early childhood all the way to primary will love these bright, gorgeous fabric letters.

Gather your supplies

  • 38cm square of linen (2)

  • Fusible web 20.5 x 61cm

  • 3 x 10.5cm square print fabric scraps

  • Sewing machine

  • General Sewing supplies

  • Cord, 102cm long


Finished size: 34.5cm square

For you to note

All seam allowances are scant 6mm.

Here's Easy Steps Making Drawstring Bag

STEP 1 With the 2 linen pieces reght-side together, sew down 1 edge, creating 1 long piece of linen. This will be the left-side seam of your finished bag. (Read more: Aromatherapy In Everyday Life: What Is Aromatherapy?)

STEP 2 Follow step 1 of the Soft Alphabet instructions (Easy Step To Soft Alphabet Letters) to make applique letter templates. Trace letters onto fusible web, making sue the letter templates are face down (so that they are the right way up when cut out of fabric).

STEP 3 Cut around each letter roughly and iron onto the wrong side of 3 scraps of fabric - you could match the fabrics used for your soft alphabet. (Read more: What Do We Want For Good Immune System? When Do We Want It? Now!)

STEP 4 Cut out carefully along the lines, including inner letter areas.

STEP 5 Decide where you want the applique letters to be on the front piece of your drawstring bag and iron in place.

STEP 6 Zigzag stitch around the applique letter to stop the raw edges from fraying.


STEP 7 Along the 2 short sides of your bag fabric, fold and press 4mm to the wring side. Baste in place.

STEP 8 To create the channel for the drawstring, fold and press the long top edge (check your letters are facing the right way) by 6mm to the wrong side, then fold over again by 6.5cm and press.

STEP 9 Stitch along the edge of the channel, encasing the raw edge and leaving the ends open. Back stitch at the beginning and end to secure.

STEP 10 Bring the back and front pieces together again, right-sides facing. Stitch along the bottom and right side, stopping at your line of channel stitching and back stitching at both ends. (Read more: 8 Steps to Start Your First Shade Gardening With Shade Loving Plants)

STEP 11 Turn right-side out. Attach a piece of cord to a safety pin and thread through the channel. Knot the ends.

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