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7 Easy Steps To Make A Crowns Or Tiaras For Royal Tea Parties And Acting.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Play like a princess royal with these too-cute tiaras made from ribbon and lace.

Believe and dress is a big part of children's play, and you can combine it with a Craft Project to teach them new skills to make new places. Look in your sewing or craft box and see what scraps you may have that can turn into crowns for royal tea parties and act out fairy tales.

EASY STEPS TO YOUR CROWN Gather your supplies

  • Coon lace

  • Stiffy fabric stiffener

  • Ribbons

  • Stick-on gems or jewels

You’ll also need Sewing measuring tape; scissors; plastic wrap; paintbrush; hot-glue gun and glue sticks

For you to note

  • Lace and doilies can also be dipped into a container of fabric stiffener.

  • A hairdryer can be used to set the fabric stiffener. Here’s how

STEP 1 Measure toy or child’s head to cut lace to length for a crown, with 10-20mm extra. Lay lace on a flat surface covered with plastic wrap and apply fabric stiffener to lace with a paintbrush.

(Aarushi Creations Dark Pink Double Faced Nylon Satin Ribbon Buy on Amazon here.)

STEP 2 Fold plastic wrap over lace and use your hands to massage in the Stiffy. Fold back plastic and check you don’t have ‘windows’ of Stiffy in the lace holes. Leave to dry. (Read more: Make a cafe-worthy breakfast with a fast recipe for yummy pancakes and with easy pork meatballs)

STEP 3 Thread colored ribbon through lace holes, leaving long tails either end. (Read more: 5 Simple Recipe For Lunch Take Into The Garden And Imagine You're On French Riviera)

Gold zari Ribbon

STEP 4 At the base of the lace, thread another ribbon through the holes, leaving long tails either end.

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Pink Double Faced Nylon Satin Ribbon

STEP 5 Overlap ends of lace 10-20mm and secure with dabs of hot glue.

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Glitter Coloured HOT MELT Glue Sticks for DIY Craft and Decoration

STEP 6 Aach stick-on gems or jewels at evenly spaced intervals around the lace crown. (Read more: Easy Step To Make Soft Fabric Alphabet Letters)

Ribbon for Bride/Bridesmaid/Beach Destination, Haldi Mehndi Boho/Party

STEP 7 Tie off both ribbons and trim tails to desired lengths.

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Aaishwarya shimmering stone studded crown

PUT A CROWN ON IT! Give stuffed animals and dolls the right royal treatment with custom-made crowns. If you don’t have leover lace lying around, you and the kids can have the fun of searching online fabric and cra suppliers to choose a roll or two to buy and make teddy tiaras.

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