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Easy Steps To Making Your Bouquet Of Roses With Images

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Pretty Up Your Life By Being Crafty With Roses

There are flowers, and then there are roses - their folding and unfolding petals releasing perfumes that match their beauty. Bring them indoors and create this pretty posie (meaning a small bunch of flowers or a single flower) to fill your rooms with a sweet fragrance and your eyes with all their loveliness. Hey guys.. I am Ruma Mahato, a professional Home and Gardening Decorating Mentor and in this small article I am giving your detail knowledge of How Easily You Can Make a Bouquet of Roses Step-by-Step.

Saturate Your Color

Use these heavenly roses, 'Mother and Child' and 'Avignon', to give your life a rewarding richness! Great gift idea for Mother's Day, too.

Brighten Winter Days

While roses are hard to come by now, you can still make this bright, cheerful display with camellias or early flowering ranunculus (meaning a type of flower). Don't forget how important foliage is for adding different shapes to your arrangement.

A Very Special Bloom

The yellow roses in this bouquet is called 'Mother and Daughter'. Its long-flowering blooms have rose, citrus and fruit fragrances, and the bush flowers from late October to late May. It was bred by Mellissa King and rose grower Brad Alden-Brown of Rankings Roses (rankinsroses.com.au) in Victoria to help Motor Neurone Disease. A portion of the sale price of the bush goes to support MND research.

Easy Steps To Making Your Bouquet Of Roses

Here is Easy Steps To Making Your Bouquet Of Roses

Before start at first gather your supplies

  1. Your favorite roses (or other blooms).

  2. Stems of foliage

  3. Vase or jug

  4. Floral food

You'll also need Secateurs; string or twine; scissors.

For your note

To help your arrangement last longer, recut the stems and also change the water every 2-3 days.

Here's how

STEP 1 Lay out the flowers and foliage on the table.

STEP 2 cut stems of blooms and foliage at an angle so they absorb more water and don't sit flat on the bottom of the vase.

STEP 3 Gently remove leaves from blooms and foliage stems that will sit in water.

STEP 4 Select the bloom that will be central to your arrangement.

STEP 5 Add other blooms and foliage around central bloom, adjusting heights and twisting and tweaking arrangement into a tight, compact bunch, where every bloom is in sight.

STEP 6 Tie stems with a piece of string or twine.

STEP 7 Recut stems so all meet at the same level at the base.

STEP 8 Fill vase with water to about two-thirds, then add floral food.

STEP 9 Place your arrangement in vase.

Foliage is Important

A vase of roses is gorgeous in its own right, but foliage makes it look more natural - it complements and completes your bouquet. In this arrangement, we've used variegated lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana), umbrella fern ( Sticherus flabellatus), silver dollar gum (Eucalyptus cinerea) and ink berry or pokeberry (Phytolacca americana).

Go to bhg.com.au for more garden tips and tricks.

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