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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Written by Ruma Mahato | in Gardening

Turn a shed full of junk into a gardener's paradise

Greenhouse Decorating Ideas

Here is 8 awesome ideas to decorating your greenhouse.

1. From Over Function

Turn your old wooden stepladder that wobbles too much into a shelving system for unused pots. It has beautiful symmetry and its weathered appearance gives it character.

2. Organised Clutter

Incorporate and reuse any old pieces of furniture, including old industrial shelving, so while things may look thrown together, you can see where everything is.

3. Give It A Light Touch

A Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) and a Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) are decorative. That big bal of twine is essential!

4. Cool Place To Chill Out

A built-in bench seat on the outside wall of your shed is a top place to take a gardening break. For an instant vertical garden, attach climb in screens to support posts with hinges on the outside and locking latches on the inside, then hang post of mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis sp.) from the wire.

5. Go For Gold!

Put a golden tinged philodendron (P.xanadu) next to all your darker plants to add contrast and interest.

6. Have It Both Ways

You can hang plants on both sides of the climbing screens, those that want shade on the inside and sun-lovers on the outside.

7. Pull The Plug

Don't throw out the old hand basin when renovating your bathroom. It comes with an ideal-sized drainage hole, and a sink makes a snug home for succculents.

8. Mix And Mismatch

Don't be afraid to be eclectic. The regeneration and re-use of old materials sits perfectly alongside the plant world, which has been doing eclectic and regeneration since the worldbegan.

Best Plants To Grow In A Greenhouse

Most profitable plants to grow in a greenhouse.

Fill your greenhouse with these fabulous exotic!

1. Smell Sensation

Take in the wonderful aromas of true cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum).

2. Forever Frilly

The leaves of coral bells (Heuchera sp.) are s standout feature.

3. Smart Choice

Dumb Canes (Dieffenbachia sp.) grow in both light and shade.

4. Old Favourite

You can get Tibetan evergreen (Aglaonema sp.) in green yellow, red or mixes of colours.

Don't think of your shed as just being full of bits and pieces that you might make use of one day. Look at it as a bunch of materials that can g together to make something amazing. A shed full of old timber off-cuts, a couple of old doors plus some scrounged windows can be thrown together to make a shabby chic greenhouse you'll love as much as your plants do.

Simple Steps To Build Your Greenhouse

Here is how to build your greenhouse in simple steps

Gather your supplies

  • Treated pine sleepers (optional)

  • Recycled timber of various size

  • Recycled windows and doors

  • Polycarbonate roof sheeting and ridge capping

  • Recycled shadecloth

You'll also need

Post stirrups; drill; 10mm masonry anchors; spirit level; hex head bolts; clamp; 100mm batten screws; easy-fit hinges; circular saw; nail gun and nails; string-line; angle grinder with metal cutting blade or tin snips; polycarbonate roofing screws; construction adhesive; shade-cloth clips

For you to note

Check with your local council for restrictions on the size and position of your greenhouse.

Turn On The Charm To Make Your Work Space A Place You Want To Be

Here is easy steps to build a greenhouse

STEP 1 If demolishing an existing structure, keep a smuch as you can for use in your new greenhouse.

STEP 2 Draw a plan of your greenhouse with sizes of windows, doors and framing timber all worked out. Leave a gap of 5mm around windows and 10mm for doors. This will determine where your posts go.

STEP 3 At the post positions, fix stirrups to concrete. Predrill using a 10mm masonry bit and atach using masonry anchors. In areas without concrete, lay a row of timber sleepers on edge to act as the foundation.

STEP 4 Sit posts in stirrups, make plumb and brace. Mark a level line around all posts, then cut to length. Bold posts in the stirrups.

STEP 5 Construct wall frames as per your plan. If using timbers of different sizes, make 1 side of the frame flush.

STEP 6 Put frames between posts and clamp to hold. Check for plumb, then screw frames to posts with batten screws. Screw frames together where they meet.

STEP 7 Predrill and fix bottom of frames to concrete or sleepers.

STEP 8 Lift windows into gaps in frames. Use a block of timber to make sure they are even to the frame, then screw in place.

STEP 9 Attach easy-fit hinges to doors, then screw into frame. At the top of the opening, nail a strip of timber to act as a stopper for the doors when they close.

STEP 10 Prop ridge and brace above centre of end walls. Here the ridge is 700mm above the walls.

STEP 11 Cut rafters to run from ridge board down to the support walls. At top of rafter, make a plumb cut so it sits flat against the ridge board. Where rafter rpsses tje wa;;s. ,ale a cut know as a bird's mouth. This is a small cut in the bottom of the rafter so it will nestle in the outside corner of the wall plate and sit flat. Once you have cut a rafter that fits, use it a template to mark out and cut more rafters.

STEP 12 Mark out top of wall plate and side of ridge with rafter positions. Mark side of rather on plate, then an X on the side of the line where the rafter will sit. Here the rafter are 450mm apart under the roofing and 900mm apart under the shade cloth.

STEP 13 Starting at 1 end, place rafters in position and nail to ridge and top plate of wall. Stretch a strangle along the top of the ridge to make sure it is straight as you nail.

STEP 14 Cut and nail blocking to fit between joists where roofing will sit so you have something to screw into.

STEP 15 Cut polycarbonate roofing to length using an angle grinder fitted with a metal cuting blade or tin snips.

STEP 16 Sit roofing on rafter with the cut edge at the top. Screw sheets to rafter using polycarbonate roofing screws. Make sure your sheets are square to the roof before fixing. Screw ridge capping over the sheets at top off the roof.

STEP 17 Spread construction adhesive along timber frame where lining boards will sit. Nail first board in place, making sure it is level.

STEP 18 Continue gluing and nailing lining boards to the frame. Cut boards around windows. Where you need to join boards along their length, make the joint sit over a wall stud.

STEP 19 Stretch recycled shadecloth over the rest of the roof of the greenhouse and hold in place using shadecloth clips.

For more gardening tips and tricks visit bhg.com.au
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