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Great Plants For Terrariums With Images | How To Make Your Terrarium In A Jar.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Hello! I am Suvendu Mahato, I have a great experience of how terrarium is made and which plants are planted in a terrarium. And I am going to share this experience with you guys. I hope that you guys will fall in love with this. So, let's star...


Small succulents or ferns are the first you may think of for terrariums, but there are other small leafy plants that thrive in these containers.


The arching fronds of tiny button-like leaflets grow quickly to fillany space.


The two-toned leaves are red on the underside, adding a touch of colour to the greenery.


A feature of this little bromeliad is the red, white or green stripes that seeem to glow.


The ripples and deep wrinkles on the leaves add texture and depth to the greenery.


You can get plenty of these prettily shaped leaves as it likes to spread itself around, so give it a regular clip.

6. Strawberry Begonia (SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA)

The lovely two-toned, heart-shaped foliage forms the base for wispy burgundy flowers in spring.

Terrarium In A Jar.

This is a mini, in-your-face garden, with which you can get up close and personal.

Gather your supplies

  • Clear glass container

  • Decorative pebbles

  • Activated charcoal pieces

  • Quality potting mix

  • Plants

  • Sheet moss

For you to note

  • Activated charcoal helps remove toxins and smells in sealed terrariums and absorb moisture so roots don't get too damp.

  • Sheet moss also helps to absorb smells and excess water, and gives a terrarium a lush, finished look.

Here's how to make your terrarium In a Jar

STEP 1 Put a layer of pebbles in glass container base or in a jar, then top with a layer of charcoal pieces about 2.5-5cm deep.

STEP 2 Combine equal parts charcoal and potting mix and gill glass container to one-quarter to one-third full. Gently pack down mix every 5cm to remove large air pockets.

STEP 3 Gently remove plants from their pots and arrange on top of mix to ensure proper spacing. Allow enough room between plants for extra mix.

STEP 4 Pack the mix in and around plants deep enough to cover roots.Try to prevent plants from reaching too far above top of container.

STEP 5 Gently water surface of mix.

STEP 6 Place moss on top of mix between plants.

STEP 7 Moisten atmosphere with spray water mister.

STEP 8 Scatter decorative pebbles on surface.


  • Put in bright, indirect light.

  • Water mix and moisten atmosphere weekly or every fortnight.

  • Trim growth that comes out and over your container with small, clean scissors.

  • Trim moss with small, clean scissors or clippers to keep thickness under control.

  • Open lidded terrariums every month for airing.

  • Ensure environment is most (you can see condensation on glass).

  • Cut or remove plants if leaves start to rot.

Click here to know How to create interesting garden projects for gardening tips and tricks.

WINTER DAYDREAMS: Head to the beach with this arrangement. Blue or green pebbles represent water and small ferns can become a forest. The base pebbles add height.

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ADD A TWIST TO YOUR ARRANGEMENT: Use interesting small fallen branches or twigs from your garden or a park for a quirky display.

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MAKE A STAND FOR YOUR TERRARIUM: A little garden can be created in and type of glass container, such as a cloche, a butter dish, bottles, bowls, jars or jugs, even an old fish tank.

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MAKE IT SNUG: An easy way to care for ferns in a terrarium is to use an enclosed glass container. This keeps the atmosphere moist, which ferns absolutely love.

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