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Home Decor Ideas For Living Rooms, Child Rooms, Bathrooms And Newly Marriage Bed Rooms.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Everyone decorates their home. Everyone wants his house to be beautiful. When people come to his house, then praise him. And tell more people about his house. That is why I am writing this article for you guys. I want you guys to have the best and smart home decoration ideas flame budget so that you can use it to give your home a better look.

Here is simple tips for home decor ideas for living rooms, child rooms, bathrooms and newly marriage bed rooms.

Home Decor Ideas For Living Rooms

According to the decorations of the living room, do it in such a way that you would like to sit in it and spend some moments of laughter and happiness with the people outside the house. Here is some tips to help you decorate your living room.

1. Keep room normal: The arrangement of the furniture in the living room is so comfortable that the guest does not have to sit alert. Do not put too much glass, white colored fabric, shiny metal material or easily breakable fragile things in it. It should be easy to come and go. Do not keep anything there, which has come out of the edges and is afraid of getting hurt.

2. Seating arrangements: The seating arrangement of the living room should be such that people can easily talk to each other face to face or sit side by side. Place the sofa in the south-west direction in such a way that the head of the house is facing east or north direction when sitting here.

3. Do not keep large size artwork in the living room, otherwise people sitting there will feel it falling on them.

4. While applying showpieces or paintings, make sure that they do not create any kind of depression or crime story.

5. Take a group photo: You can get group photo of your family members framed in the west corner of the room. This increases the love for each other among the family members.

6. Put the Glanders: In the living room, if you put the glanders, then instead of one in the ceiling, put two glanders in such a way that the middle part remains empty. Positive energy will continue to flow.

7. Living room lighting: Let the ceiling light and table lamp be aligned. Adjust the light according to the activity. Lamp light fills the room with a feeling of belonging. The light above the head causes shadows to form under the eyes, only do not turn this light on.

8.Entertainment gadgets: Do not make the TV a focal point. Entertainment gadgets such as TV, music systems do not get along with guests easily. If you want to keep it, then keep it in the south-west part.

9. Clock position: Always place the clock on the north or east wall. It is good to place a clock in front of the seating area. The clock symbolizes time and time must always move forward.

10. Planting fresh flowers: Keeping the habitat full of colorful flowers will brighten the room. If planting fresh flowers, then after withering, replace them immediately. Withering flowers bring negativity. If desired, you can also decorate the room with artificial flowers.

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Home Decor Ideas For Child Room

Make your child's room magical with ideas from these beautiful rooms.

Just chilling

To update this 11-year-old’s bedroom in keeping with her preference for pink, aqua and grey, decorator Michelle Murray of Interiors Etc. painted the walls pale grey and, to bring in more light, the window frames and door off-white. To allow the room to grow with its occupant, she chose a daybed that works as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. “I also eschewed childish patterns and used more sophisticated fabrics from Stuart Graham for the curtains and scatter cushions,” she explains. “We custom-made the Hollywood-style mirror complete with lights and vanity that were on her must-have list.”

Fit for a princess Children’s rooms can also be chic as this one by Paarl decorator Nicolette Jonas of Interior Concepts proves. To create the French look her client wanted for her nine-year-old, Nicolette clad the walls with diamond patterned wallpaper from Hertex and had a rug made to match. The classic four-poster bed, made by Nicolette’s cabinetmaker, features soft pink linen from Loads of Living layered with throws from @home. The table and chairs, also by Nicolette’s team, are the setting for fun tea parties. Providing the finishing touches are a crystal chandelier and art prints in white frames.

Pretty in pink In this clean-lined, uncluttered room for a now six-year-old girl, Pepper White Interior Solutions paired a sleek white bunk bed from Clever Little Monkey with a neon duvet set in a trendy teardrop pattern. A polka dot rug warms the floor at playtime while comfortable seating for reading is provided by a corduroy pouffe. Adding femininity are soft pink walls and a crystal chandelier

Three’s company As the three young brothers who share this room wanted it to feature a fort, interior designer Danela Conti took advantage of an existing alcove. “I came up with an arrangement of single beds and a loft bed reached by a ladder, which lends itself to all sorts of adventures,” she explains. To keep the room tidy, she designed a storage unit with cubbyholes that are car garages during play time and hold large baskets for toys. On the wall is a composition of locally sourced tin cars on canvas created in Danela’s studio. The pendant is from High Thorn, and the striped scatters and the lamp shades from the Polo Collection limited edition by Ralph Lauren. The beanbag is from Ashanti.

Going wild As the occupant of this room – a nine-year-old boy – is mad about the bush, his room, designed by Kirsty Lindley of Lindley & Co, is an ode to everything wild from the cushions and art prints to the bookcase in the shape of a rhino. “I kept the room quite neutral and brought in black in the rug and Design Team scatters,” explains Kirsty. For sleepovers there’s a double bunk, which also has useful storage space underneath.

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Home decor ideas for Bathroom in 2020

From faucets to tiles, what are the dominating 2020 trends for bathroom? In current times, bathrooms have drifted away from being functional to aesthetically appealing and connected spaces. From petite powder rooms to sprawling master baths brass and gold finishes, deep soaking bathtubs, integrated lighting system, big framed LED mirrors, shaped tiles, black finishes and fittings will continue to adorn bathroom spaces for the year. Along with this, bathrooms are turning towards earthy tones with warmer hues to give a luxurious appeal to the overall space. Individuals are also opting for minimalistic bathroom designs that can be picked from black, copper, and gold, brushed or shine finishes and tones to make your bathroom last more than just a season or trend. We will also see many gadgets related to music and blue tooth - namely showers and mirrors.

Crisp, cool white to dynamic red, bathrooms are now a place of experimentation too. Do you think colourful bathroom is the next BIG thing? Bathrooms have definitely become a key focus area while designing or remodelling homes as they now have become an extension of ourselves. Individuals are now opting for various colour combinations in terms of fittings, wallpapers, tiles and lightings that help in making the space stand out. Under various brands for Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd, we do have a vibrant colour range portfolio from black to white and blue to lavender. We have recently introduced the technologically advanced PVD range of products in ROCA range of faucets. Made using advanced ROCA technology, these faucets are available in variety of colours. Similary the stylish NIGHT LIFE collection for premium category have been a run away success.

What are the new technologies that Roca is working on? Now with focus on artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and gesture recognition technology, Roca has come up with ‘Roca Protect.’ It is an umbrella of commands, which is handy and tech-savvy, allowing easy operations and makes the space more connected and sustainable. It enables individuals to access bathrooms from any corner and carry them on their devices. It uses Hydration analysis, which analyses body fluids to make one aware about their health and provides wellness intelligence. Introduction of Smart Mirrors is one of the most emblematic technologies of the imagined future bathroom spaces. It transforms the traditional mirror into a digital hub that can display email, weather, calendar and more. This is in the pilot stage of study in the European market, and once established we will launch it across India. Furthermore, there are multiple products planned for the year 2020 across our entire product range under our various brands – Roca, Parryware, Johnson Pedder and Laufen.

Sustainability is the most talked about subject in all segments. What are the sustainable initiatives taken by the brand in bathroom/product segment? Keeping in pace with consumer demand, all our new ranges come with smart functionalities and latest designs making them the perfect fit in the contemporary bathroom spaces. The cold start faucets is an innovation designed for sustainability, with water and energy saving capability and zero CO2 emissions. It allows you to use cold water for daily bathroom rituals with the lever in the center. In addition to saving water, you will be saving energy, as it prevents the boiler from firing up when not needed. Also, the W+W is an integrated concept that combines the washbasin and the WC into a single product. The W+W filters the washbasin water so it can be reused in the toilet. It is a unique, distinct and original design that brings elegance and sustainability to the bathroom.

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Decor Ideas For Newly Wed Couples Bedroom

Wedding not only brings two people together, binds two hearts but also heralds a new beginning of life. As the couple embarks on their new journey it's very important that the room they spend most of their time should be well designed. The interiors of the couple's bedroom should be given more attention so as to make it stand out from other rooms in the house. So here are few decor ideas for the couples bedroom which will help them enjoy their in cosy cocoon.

First and the most important thing is the colour scheme: A well-planned colour scheme should be considered before designing the room, Bright, happy colours influence the mood and creates a vibe of positivity, the wall paint, curtains, bedsheets should compliment each other.. colours also have the ability to make the room appear smaller or bigger so very carefully plan the colour scheme, it's important to maintain synchrony. If you are using dark colours for walls then it's advisable to use lighter shade to balance. after all who likes all loud shades.balancing is the key.

Wall affair the bed room of the new couple should radiate with vibrancy and there is nothing better than lively walls, embellish walls with beautiful wall papers, artwork, paintings and most importantly couples own pictures should adorn the walls, as it's said Every Room Has A Story To Tell, let the walls do the talking.

Artifacts The bedroom of the couple should reflect their taste and personalities so place the accessories and artifacts which reflects their individual taste and personalities. Add exuberance. Add fresh flowers, aromas to enhance feel and add exuberance to the room but make sure you only keep fresh flowers as these symbolize the growth and replace them with new ones before the previous ones dry.

More storage A beautiful room has a pivotal role to play in the marital bliss therefore understanding the new members storage needs is very important to keep her stuff organised. Definitely more storage capacity is required for the couple's growing needs.

To tackle all this Opt for a wider side tables for better storage and circulation space. Accommodate drawers in the room more to save storage space for shoes, bed linens, upholstery etc. Use sliding shutters for wardrobes as they reduce the circulation space required and provides more spacious wardrobes that can be wider than usual. Take advantage of the wall height and accommodate shelving system, these work well to accommodate load of books, decorative artworks and trinkets. Remember that magical effect and feeling the Hotel rooms have on us bcz of the additional seating, fabrics, washrooms etc.

Two arm chairs and a table makes the room so cosy and one can curl up on the chair anytime. The gloriously comfortable bedding, make sure your bed is extremely comfortable for that ensure your mattress are soft and exactly the same which gives you the comfortable and relaxed sleep once you hop in.

Washroom Big mirrors, larger than life kind of feeling, put a big stack of fluffy white towels nice toiletries to enhance the whole bathing experience and to add a ooomph factor to your washroom.

Vanity unit We all know how important it is to have a vanity the girls favourite one, this stylish piece of furniture in the room plays a pivotal role when you have to get ready for the day. The vanity table will not only serve the utility purpose for both couple to store their daily requirement stuff, keeping it all organised but will also create a charming ambiance in the room by enhancing the aesthetic sense of the space.

Conclusion: Hence, Hope you may find better ideas from this article. Everyone wants his house to be beautiful than others. And it will be more fun when it comes in low budget. That is why I have brought this site for you guys that you can get the best home decoration ideas to make your home beautiful in low budget too.

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