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How To Build A Fernery For The Shady Corner Of Your House

Written by Ruma Mahato | Professional Gardening Mentor


Ferns love the humidity, density and shade of a forest, which often means the exquisite nature of these plants are hidden from view. With this easy fern stump project, you can bring a little piece of the forest floor into your home without also dragging along its unwelcome surprises and cluttered mess.

What is Fernery Meaning?

First of all we will know what is Fernery and Why Fernery make. So, Fernery is a collection of ferns in a garden or a potted display. Fernery is the place or a exhibition room where ferns are being grown for ornament. It specially grown in a greenhouse. If you have no greenhouse, you can make it in your house corner. But the place where you're want to make it, should be shady and moist.

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See The Specialists

Australia has an abundance of tiny native ferns, many of which won't be available at your local nursery. Try shopping online at Verdigris Nursery (verdigris.com.au) or Fern Acres Nursery (fernacres.com.au), or search online for markets that sell ferns.

Easy Steps To Building Your Fernery

Now I am giving you step by step formula to build your Fernery easily for the shady corner of your house.These Step-by-Step guide helps you to make your fernery. You can see at the image there is items or supplies you need to make your fernery. So, Before it you need to gather your supplies.

Here is the list of supplies for making Fernery.

1. Round Rustic Woods Slices, 7"-9", Unfinished Wood, Great for Weddings Centerpieces, Crafts: Price $25.99.

Checkout the current price here.

This woods are natural unfinished, rustic slabs with a beautiful 1" bark framing. Ideal for this project and display stands, weddings, wood burning, rustic centerpieces and painted crafts etc. This all are natural tree slice and approximately 7 inch - 9 inch in diameter with 1 inch thick bark.

2. Assorted small, shade-loving plants, such as Necklace fern (Asplenium flabellifolium), Heart leaf or strawberry fern (Hemionitis arifolia), various Maidenhair ferns (Adiantum spp.), spike moss (Selaginella spp.) or any other small ferns that take your fancy, silver squill (Ledebouria socialis), Emerald Ripple (Peperomia caperata), moss and Reindeer linchen (Cladonia rangiferina)

Your will also need Garden gloves; moisture-plus potting mix; spray bottle of water

Here's How To Make A Beautiful Fernery Step by Step

STEP 1 Examine slab's bark and determine what should be the back of the arrangement (hidden from view) and what should be the front.

STEP 2 Spread a layer of moist potting mix on slab, to about 5cm from its edge. Remove plants from their containers.

STEP 3 Put plants in mix from back to front, with tallest plants, such as Necklace fern and silver squill, at the back, ensuring root balls are buried in mix.

STEP 4 Mix leaf shapes by placing plants with round or rippled leaves (Emerald Ripple and Heart leaf fern) next to the lacy leaves of Maidenhair.

STEP 5 Add the smallest plants, such as spike moss and Maidenhair, to the front of the display.

STEP 6 Press in moss around display edge to hide mix and keep plants intact. Top with Reindeer lichen.

STEP 7 Spray moss with water and water mix around plants. Keep arrangement moist and position away from direct sunlight.

Here Is The Plants That You Can Select For Your Fernery

Make your little fernery look like it would in the natural world with a range of shapes, green tones and textures.

  1. Ripple Delight: Emerald Ripple (Peperomia caperata) looks like fancy corrugated iron, but produces flowers that unfuril like felt mittens.

  2. Lacy Mantle: Soften your arrangement with a classic Maidenhair fern (Adiantum spp.) that looks delicate, but is as tough as old boots.

  3. Lay Your Carpet: One of the most primitive plants froms, moss will keep growing and spreading when kept moist and in the shade.

Conclusion: In this article I am giving you all the information about how to make a Fernery in your house corner in an easy way step by step. If you have any suggestion or any other way to make a Fernery please share with us in the comment section.Thank you for reading this article.

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