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How to Make A Living Plant Wall With An Easy Dowel Pot Holder - Home Decor Warrior

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Hold on! Create a wall of living green with an easy dowel pot holder. Hello, I am Suvendu, and in this article I'm going to show you how to create a living plant wall with simple and easy way with dowel pot holder. Let's go...

You may grow living wall plants in your greenhouse. Checkout our this article Easy Steps To Build A Glorious Greenhouse.

The dowel framework hugs pots to the wall.

Firstly, Gather Your Supplies

  • 19mm-dia. wood dowels

  • Pots with a lip and no drainage holes

  • Mitre saw or handsaw and mitre box

  • Wood glue

  • Drill

  • 40mm nails

  • Spirit level

  • 65mm screws

  • WallMate Plasterboard anchors (optional)

Now you are ready to make awesome looking living plant wall. Here's how

STEP 1 A crooked dowel will throw off your project. To test, lay dowels on a flat surface and give them a nudge. Straight ones will roll, while crooked ones won't.

STEP 2 The inside width of each holder should match its pot diameter right below the lip. Play with length of holder pieces and sections attached to the wall. These rows are 965mm long. The one-pot rows have a 432mm section on each side. Two-pot rows have three 250mm sections.

STEP 3 Mitre-cut dowels for one holder. Check pot will be secure. Repeat for the rest.

STEP 4 Glue pieces, predril and then nail across mitred join with 40mm nails. Let dry.

STEP 4 Drill pilot holes along dowels. Ensure rows are level, then predrill and mount on wall with 65mm screws. Try to screw into wall studs, but if you can't, use WallMate plasterboard anchors.

Use light weight pots to minimise strain on the holders.

Right Angles: Lay out the pieces for each row as you cut them to check consistency.

Make precise 45-degree angle for a good fit. A straight cut finishes the outside ends.

Best Wall Plants

Now, next question is which plant should you grow? So don't panic. Here is the solution. I am giving you four plant for your living wall plant. Grow These.

When odd shapes are your thing, go with these plants.


Jelly bean plants (Sedum rubrotinctum) come in grey-green, pink and yellow. It looks like your big finger. So, you may be call it as Finger Plants. How fun ha! Check price here.


So, the next one is Zig-Zag plant. the fishbone cactus (Epiphyllum anguliger) starts going up, then down. Check price here.


Put a wire frame in the pot to help the wax plant (Hoya carnosa) grow up! Check price here.


And the last one is Portulacaria afra' Variegata'. Don't panic it's just a scientific name. You can call it Elephant Bush. When indoors, elephant bush will grow like bonsai, it's look awesome. You can check price here.

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Try this pot for your living plant wall.


Check current price here.

So, go now and buy these plants and grow. Your wall looks awesome with this living wall plants. If you have any suggestion or if you know any plants name to grow you can share with us in the comment section.

Source: www.bhg.com

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