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How To Make An Antique Look Wooden Six Bottle Beer Caddy, Beer Carrier, Beer Tote, Holder Under $100

Let your liquid gold travel in style with this antique-look beer caddy. Made with timber from an old pallet, a few clever painting techniques are all you need to add charm And so you're not left high and dry, it even has a bottle opener.

Gather your supplies 
1) Recycled pallet material, 2) Replica bottle opener
You'll also need
8 mm dowel kit; PVA glue; clamps; pencil; jigsaw; trimmer fitted with rounding-over bit; sander; black paint; paintbrush; rich walnut stain and varnish; cloth; drill; 40 mm screws; rust paint

Here's how to make an antique look wooden six bottle beer caddy.

Step 1: Join 3 pieces of pallet material using dowels and PVA glue. Clamp together and leave glue to dry. Mark out shape of ends. The ends are 235 mm wide and 365 mm long. The curves star 150 mm from the base and the top is 50 mm wide. Cut out with a jigsaw.

Step 2: Mark and cut out bottom, 4 side rails, central divider and handle, to measure 240 mm long. Allow for the thickness of the rails plus 10 mm when making the bottom. Chamber corners of ends and rails using a trimmer and a sander to round handle.

Step 3: Paint all parts black and let dry. Use a sander to smooth timber and remove some of the black paint to give it a distressed look. Follow with a coat of stain, applying it with a cloth.

Step 4: Assemble caddy by gluing and screwing bottom, rails, divider and handle to one end, then attack other end. Apply rust paint to bottle opener and secure to one end of the caddy with screws.

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