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Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Ceiling, Shower And Mirror Lighting

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

When planning your bathroom lighting you may choose fixtures that are functional and stylish. But have you factored in safety?

The bathroom is a wet zone in the home so it’s important that the lighting meets certain rules and regulations to keep you safe when using this space. The following explanation of bathroom zones and fixture IP ratings should help you make an informed choice. (Read more: 12 Awesome Fancy Lights For Home Decoration.)

Your bathroom is divided up into zones. These zones dictate what type of lighting should be installed to ensure your safety and the longevity and functionality of the fixture.

Zone 0: This area is inside the bath or shower itself. Fixtures used in this zone must be low voltage and rated at least IP67, meaning they are totally immersion-proof.

Zone 1:This area is above the shower or bath and measures approximately 2.25m from the floor. A minimum rating of IP45 is required, but it is advised that a rating of IP65 should be used.

Zone 2:This area stretches 0.6m outside the perimeter of the bath and reaches a height from 2.25m from the floor, requiring a rating of at least IP44. Remember to also consider the area around the basin. A 60cm radius around the tap is considered part of zone 2.

Zone 3: This area is any area of the bathroom not included in zones 0, 1, and 2. It’s a zone where no water is likely to be used. While there are no specific IP requirements for this zone, a rating of at least IP21 is recommended.

You now know that certain IP ratings are required for the different zones, but what exactly does IP mean and why is it important? IP stands for Ingress Protection and is a rating system used to define how protected the fixture is against particles and water.

The first digit represents the level of protection against particles and the second digit represents the protection against water.

First Digit (Ingress of Particles):

0: No Protection

1: Protected against penetration by solid objects 50mm+

2: Protected against penetration by solid objects 12mm+

3: Protected against penetration by solid objects 2.5mm+

4: Protected against penetration by solid objects 1mm+

5: Dust Protected

6: Dust Tight

Second Digit (Ingress of Water):

0: No Protection

1: Protected from vertically falling drops

2: Protected from water drops falling at a max angle of 15°

3: Protected from water as in the rain at a max angle of 60°

4: Protected from splashing or projection

5: Protected from low-pressure jets

6: Protected from high-pressure jets

7: Protected from temporary immersion

8: Protected against long periods of immersion

Bathroom ceiling light fixtures

I absolutely love this little light! I live in a high-rise condo with a concrete roof, so replacing the huge old light on my light with recessed lighting was not an option. I spent a great deal of time trying to find something new that was unobtrusive, rated for wet applications and not having eyesight - I resigned to spend $ 60 at the least ugly option at my lighting store Had given. Then, I found this little gem on Amazon. I bought soft white light and a dimmer switch. It was very easy to install, it sits flush on the roof (I have a 3 "junction box) and has an O-ring that some have reported issues with the snooze and is almost invisible. Without the dimer, the light is hot Is, but strong, and not too much. With my dimmer, I get great "mood lighting" in my great brand new shower! I was initially concerned with frosted cover shed plastics and it would look cheap, but now when I will not tell the difference if it is installed. I will not hesitate to buy this item again! (Read more: Vastu Shastra For House: The Main Gate Of The House Became The Door To Happiness)

Bathroom Shower Lighting Ideas

Shower is a secondary area of work lighting. In small bathrooms, if the stall has a clear glass door, a dedicated fixture may not be necessary. Otherwise, I recommend a recessed light with a glass lens (plastic will be yellow). Similar rec fixed fixtures above a freestanding tub or toilet work well.

Bathroom wall lighting ideas

Correctly illuminating the bathroom is quite important because the right amount of light and good quality is required for shaving or makeup. More, light helps to create the right atmosphere in the bathroom as well. You need to simultaneously cast natural light, which is not available in all bathrooms, with carefully selected and oriented artificial lights. The guideline is: balance. Too much light will lend a priceless atmosphere while a dark bathroom will make it harder for you to see what you are doing. The two unavoidable light spots are general lighting and mirror area. Bathroom wall lamps are required to spread light evenly along the walls. The presence of wall lamps above the washbasin and around the mirror is essential where you really need a strong white light. Wall lamps installed at the edges of mirrors, at a height of 150–175 cm from the floor, soften colors and improve skin tone. As an alternative, wall lamps can be placed on the wall opposite the washbasin for more diffused light or to power it on the bathtub.

Take technical issues into consideration! Whether you love classic or modern furniture, always choose energy-saving, high-yield lamps so that you have a properly lit room while saving energy. Make sure the IP range of your lamp is correct. Wall lamps mounted on mirror sides are within zone 3, so they must comply with the IP21 range (protection against average-sized foreign bodies and resistance to vertical dripping).

Then, match the style of your wall lamp to the stability and cladding of the bathroom. A Classic Style Bathroom? Choose chandeliers, like wall lamps or circular lamp holders, mounted symmetrically to the lamp. If you have a modern bathroom, choose some rectangular wall lamps, white light to mount on the upper edge of the mirror.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Small Bathroom

The logic of illumination varies in a small area compared to a large area. In many places, you must highlight between accent, function, ambient and decorative to create an effect. In a small space, you may not have the luxury.

Mirrors are where you need the most light to apply makeup, shave, do your hair and come forward. For my bathroom, I put two Kate Spade lights on either side of my mirror.

The best place for sconce in a small bathroom is on either side of the mirror or sink. By placing sconces on the sides, shaving or applying makeup you can have the best cross lights.

You can also mount recessed lights on either side of the sink for the same effect. If necessary, you can mount a sconce on top of the mirror.

If you do not have wall space, you can also hang pendants.

Do not put lighting behind you as it creates shadowing and it becomes quite difficult to apply makeup on the glass.

I also placed a non-matching surface light on the ceiling. Why? Because I liked it. You can recessed again but the decorative lighting personalizes the space, in my opinion.

You have a lot of options and in many cases, the lights on the mirror may be sufficient.

Chambers Hotel Bathroom

I recently stayed at the Chambers Hotel in New York City. This is one of my favorite places. The rooms are larger than your typical New York hotel, the service is great, and it is situated right in the middle of everything.

However, their bathing light may be slightly better.

have a look.

At first glance, it's not bad, but these sconces are old with very high output, which causes the light to dim.

The main ceiling is behind the light sink, adding shade to your reflection. As a result, I had to dig my face in the mirror to shave. It is a monopoint track head. This can work if you like the style.

Possible solutions are new LED-based scones with much better output or increased ceiling lights on either side of the sink. You can always buy a lighted magnifying mirror.

You would think that I would warn about raising the light at the foot level in this way. However, you do not need much light for soap and shampoo. You can do both without the exact optimum amount of light.

final thoughts

Finally, there are some key rules that you should follow when lighting a small bathroom.

What and what not for bathroom lighting:

1. Pay attention to the mirror.

2. Light up the cross by lighting both sides of your mirror or sink.

3. You can use recessed lighting (don't be afraid to add style with decorating lighting, too).

4. Do not place your main ceiling light behind you.

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