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Easy Step To Make Soft Fabric Alphabet Letters | DIY Sewn Fabric Alphabet Letters

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Finally A Project That will Use Up All Your Colorful Bits And Pieces

Gather your supplies

  • Fusible Fleece 1.9m length (114cm standard with)

  • 26 scraps of fabric, each 15.5cm square (for fronts)

  • 26 scraps of fabric, each 15.5cm square (for back)

  • Water-soluble pen

  • Sewing machine

  • General sewing supplies

  • Polyeslter toy fill

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White And Blue)

  • Automatic zig-zag sewing machine with compact free arm

  • Thread Tension Control: Manual ; Stitch Pattern Selector: Dial Type

  • 7 built-in stitches including 4-step button holing; Seven applications including lace fixing, quilting, smocking and rolled hemming

  • Auto tripping bobbin system; drop feed for embroidery; manual needle threading; sewing light

Soft Alphabet Cutting Out

Finished size: 10.2cm square each

Here's how to make alphabet letters by sewing machine

STEP 1 Use a text editor (like Word, Notepad or Illustrator) to create letter templates. Choose a font you like and type in the first letters. Change size of the font to achieve the size you want and print out to check. Once your are happy, type in the rest of your letters and print out. Cut out each letter. Used here, Gill sans Ultra Bold with a font size of 350 to get letters about 10.2 cm square.

Double check letter as a few may come out larger. You can make the letters any size you want, but yu will need more fabric for larger letters.

STEP 2 Cut the first letter. Then turn the template over to mark out a second one on paper so that the 2 letters will be mirror images of each other. Cut out Repeat for each letter.

STEP 3 Cut out fleece letters, using all 52 templates and leaving any central holes uncut (as on A, D etc). You can trace the letters or pin the templates to the fleece for easy cutting. Iron onto the back of your fabric scraps. Make sure the letter is the correct way around on your top fabric, with the revers letters on your backing fabric.

STEP 4 Cut out fabric letters, front and back pieces, still keeping central holes uncut.

STEP 5 Lay the templates on top of the cutout letter and trace any inner markings, using a water-soluble pen.


STEP 6 place front and back letters right-sides together, stitch around letter edges, making wure to leave gap for turning.

STEP 7 For letters with curves, make sure to clip around the curves.

STEP 8 Carefully turn the right way out, push out the corners.

STEP 9 Letters that have inner markings, stitch on the line you have drawn using the stitch of your choice.

STEP 10 Carefully stuff letters with polyester fill; hand-sew gaps closed.

Maker's Tips

  • All raw fabric edges should be finished with either an over locker or a zigzag stitch, to prevent fraying.

  • The linen is a linen/cotton blend.

  • All seam allowances area a scant 6mm, unless otherwise stated.

  • You can use any fabric or scraps you have around the house.

  • If you don't have cord lying around the house, try old shoe laces.

  • Get the kids to help pick fabrics.

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