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Upcycled Cat Bed: Turn A Vintage Suitcase Into A Cosy Sleeping Spot For Your Cat

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

In this article, we will discuss on how to make a upcycled cat bed in a simple way. Kitty cats sleep for up to 16 hours a day. Nice work if you can get it! Giving your cat a bed is a good way to keep them - and their fur - off your furniture. You'll need to make sure the mattress is washable or has a removable cover. And if you upcycle a vintage suitcase, it can double as a decorative piece in your home. Read more: How To Save Money At Home.

Gather your supplies

  • Vintage suitcase

  • 9mm plywood sheet

  • Lid support stays

  • Office chair base on castors

  • Pillow or cushion

  • Fabric cover

You'll also need

Pencil; tape measure; jigsaw: safety gear; sandpaper; PVA glue; drill; washers; screws; spanner; nuts; bolts.

Here's how to make a upcycle cat bed

STEP 1: Position suitcase on plywood. Trace around suitcase in pencil, then draw an inner line to mark interior suitcase base. Measure inner lid pocket and mark on ply.

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STEP 2: Cat out base piece along inner marked line using a jigsaw. Cut out lid pocket piece. Sand cut edges.

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STEP 3: Insert plywood cut-outs in base and lid pocket of suitcase.

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STEP 4: Measure height of suitcase side to cut 2 pieces about 50mm wide from ply off-cuts. Cut 2 more pieces about 25mm wide. Join using PVA glue to make blocks for lid support stays.

STEP 5: Predrill 2 holes in front of blocks about 5mm from top and one side edge, spaced to match lid support stays.

STEP 6: Drill through block holes into suitcase side.

STEP 7: Place washers over holes on outside of suitcase and insert screws into drilled holes.

STEP 8: Position lid support stays on block over screw ends and use a spanner to tighten nuts on screws.

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STEP 9: With suitcase lid in open upright position, place other end of support stay on lid, then drill through holes. Insert screw from outside of lid and tighten nuts on inside.

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STEP 10: Center suitcase on chair base. Drill holes from underneath through suitcase into ply base. Insert bolts through holes from inside suitcase and tighten nuts on blots underneath.

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STEP 11: Cover pillow and place in suitcase. You can also add a blanket in a fabric your cat will love, such as faux mink. Wheel the cat bed into a location your kitty will enjoy, then add a few toys and decorations, hanging them from the pocket.

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