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Vastu Shastra For House: The Main Gate Of The House Became The Door To Happiness

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

In Vastu Shastra For House,the main gate of the house is considered the gateway to happiness. Here comes prosperity and prosperity in the house. From this place the fate of the people living in the house is also determined. To keep the main door of the house auspicious and good, all the items are installed. These items can benefit if planted properly. Let us know some architectural suggestions related to the main gate of the house.

Jyoti Sohi

It is said that if the door is appropriate, happiness will be immense. The entrance is considered the most important part of the building. During the construction of the building, if the entrance gate is made according to Vastu rules, then it is helpful in inviting happiness for all the members of the house and if Vastu dosha is found in the main door of the house, then it will cause mental, economic and social problems in the house. The reason for the invitation of the child also becomes a reason why it is said that the house where the door is free of Vaastu defects is inhabited by happiness, prosperity and prosperity. Apart from this, all the members in the house are happy and there is also coordination among all. According to Vastu, any problem in the house is related to the entrance, that is, the main door, the effect of which slowly starts appearing on other things. The main gate of the house in Vastu is also called Grihmukh. That is why they say that the beginning is good. You can also improve the architecture of your home by adopting some very simple measures.

Keep Holy Kalash (Urn) at main gate

Kalash is associated with prosperity. It is a symbol of Venus and Moon. Kalash can be established mainly in two places, at the main gate and at the place of worship. The face of the urn which is placed on the main gate should be wide and open. Adequate water should be filled in it. If possible, some petals of flowers should be put in it. Keeping the urn filled with water at the main gate brings prosperity to the house. No negative energy enters the house.

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Vandanavar is placed at the main gate before any Mangal Karya or festival. Like this, all types of trees are used. But Mango leaves are considered to be the best. According to Vastu, it is best to apply it on Tuesday. Therefore, the Vandanavar, made of its leaves, is placed at the main entrance of the house.


Swastika is a special type of figure made of four arms. Generally use it to increase or decrease the energy of a place. Wrong use of this can put you in trouble and right use can get you out of all the problems of life. Swastikas of red and blue color are considered particularly influential. Vastu and direction defects of the house are removed by applying red swastika on both sides of the main door of the house. Applying blue swastika in the middle above the main gate keeps the health of the people of the house right.

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Face of ganesh ji

To bring happiness and auspiciousness to the house, people place a picture or idol of Ganesha at the main gate. But applying Ganesha's picture without rules and information increases the difficulties. Ganesh ji has impoverishment towards the back, and prosperity towards the stomach. So whenever Ganesh ji is placed at the main gate, place them in the inner side.

Mango leaves

Mango leaves have the ability to attract pleasure. The special aroma of its leaves also removes anxiety of the mind. Applying outside will cause lack of money in the house, and will increase poverty. Applying inward will destroy obstacles and you will get success in every work.


It is directly related to Saturn. It is commonly used in Saturn related house problems. It is best to use the same horseshoe which is already in the foot of the horse. The brand new, unused cord does not produce any effect. Bring a horseshoe on Friday, soak it in mustard oil overnight. On Saturday, remove the cord and place it at the main entrance of the house. By doing this, Saturn of all the people of the house will be fine, the distress and tension of the house will be removed. In addition, put a welt of bells on the main gate, so that the house will not have negative energy. Plant a basil plant in the house and light a lamp of ghee in front of it in the evening, then all the architectural defects are destroyed. Vastu Dosh also ends by offering green coach grown around the house to the idol of Ganesha. Place a statue of metal turtle in the northern part of the house for peace, this reduces the flow of negative energy in the house. Hang a crystal ball at the main door and tie a scarlet lace. It is also auspicious to make a rangoli outside the gateway which bans negative energies.

Take special care of these things -

The direction

Particular care should be taken before constructing the gateway. Yes, the main gate of the house should never be kept in the south-west direction. According to Vastu, the members of the household have to face many troubles. Instead, the entrance of the house should always be towards the northeast or south east. By doing this, there is happiness and prosperity in the house. There should not be any tree, wall or pillar in front of the main gate of the house because any shade has an ominous effect on the house.

Main gate is like this

The main gate of the house should not be made in the middle of the house. According to Vastu, the houses where the main gate is in the middle, there remains financial trouble. The entrance of the house should be made in the very corner. There should never be stairs in front of the main gate. It is inauspicious to happen. The door of the main door of the house should always be open inwards. Also, no sound should come through the door. If there is a sound, get it corrected immediately. There should be two entrances in any building. One for the large entrance vehicle and the other for small private use. The way to the inside of the house should be directly connected to the main gate. There is no pit or direct passage in front of the main gate. The open well should not be in front of the main gate. Negative or indecent things, such as a garbage house, a dilapidated building are not good in front of the house. There should be no pillar of any kind just in front of the main gate.

So you too should adopt this vastu tips and bring happiness and prosperity to your home.

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